Suntex(新大江)牛仔制衣生产工厂:中国牛仔服装制造商,成立于1988年,拥有28年优秀的牛仔制衣/洗水经验,拥有优异的牛仔裤洗水技能;通过ISO9001:2008国际质量体系认证(SGS)。坐落于广东省广州增城市新塘镇夏埔环保工业园环保二路16号,毗邻中国和世界闻名的新塘国际牛仔城,地势优越、交通便利、环境优雅。拥有崭新10000多平方米的生产加工厂房及10000多平方米整洁舒适带空调、全天候供应热水的员工宿舍/餐厅的生活区。Suntex(新大江)是一家专业生产棉、梭织类牛仔,针织和休闲服饰的工厂,集风格设计、打样、采购、服装洗水、染色、包装于一体。生产内销S135品牌、KORSE天然蓝等知名品牌及国外品牌;为服装品牌Custo Barcelona, Phard Italy, Diesel,Edwin,DKNY,Disney的牛仔裤OEM(代工生产)。拥有制衣加工、洗水、染色、树脂、压皱、马骝等国内外先进工艺及500多名专业、熟练的员工;拥有最先进的新设备投入生产,30台大规模生产洗衣机,9台洗板机,30台新节能烘干机连同200台電子Juki缝纫机等。月产量200000牛仔片,在保证质量的同时我们还在不断提高产量,以满足更多客户的需求。

    Suntex jeans factory China jeans manufacturer,28 years excellent Jeans Wash/Laundry experience;ISO9001(SGS);Jeans OEM for Diesel,Edwin,Dkny,Disney.

    Suntex jeans factory was established in 1988,with excellent Jeans Wash skill,which is located in which is located in 16-2,Environment Protection Road 2,Xintang Town,Zengcheng City,Guangzhou ,adjoined to Chinese and the world-famous new pond international cowboy city, the topography is superior, the good location, the environment were graceful. With brand-new more than 10000 square meter production processing region and more than 10000 square meter neat comfort zone air conditioning, the hot water staff dormitory/dining room quarters. Suntex is a specialized production denim jeans, knitting and manufacturing the leisure clothings. Suntex is a vertical factory with style designing, sampling, purchasing, garment, laundry washing, dyeing, packing and finishing all done in one factory with local and nd foreign advanced crafts and more than 500 skilled staff.

    Pursues remarkably, this factory implements the modern management. We use the most advance and new equipments in our manufacturing such as 30 mass production washing machine, 9 samples washers, 30 new and energy efficient dryers together with 200 modern Juki sewing machines etc. On a two-shift workday, we are able to produce as much as 200,000 jean pieces per month. However, we can extend our shift pattern to 3-shift per day thus enhancing our output when required.

Jeas Factory ISO 9001:2000



Update News:

Suntex Jeans Factory produce 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi national team apparel of Estonia customer has received various admiration,which has been named one of the five best international team clothing. The five best international team clothing as below: France (by Lacoste 's design and produced) Sweden (designed by H & M, produced) The Norwegian The United States (designed by POLO, produced) Estonia (designed by S135, produced)




                            16-2,Environment Protection Road 2,Xintang Town,Zengcheng City,Guangzhou 


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